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A Better Approach to Oven Cleaning

When you’re looking for professional oven cleaning treatments that take advantage of the best technology for the job call the Cleaning Company Richmond. Business owners and home owners alike benefit from this affordable service, which gives you superior results.

What Makes Dip Tank Furnace Cleaning Better?

  • Your oven is dismantled for the treatment, so parts that aren’t usually accessible can be cleaned
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic detergents are used for your furnace cleaning
  • Any sort of oven can be cleansed, including single, double, electric or gas cookers, ranges, BBQs and grills
  • Your service is delivered by reference vetted, trained, and certified cleaners, and is also completed under full insurance

What Your Richmond Cleaning Company Technicians Do

Your cleaners start by setting sheeting down to protect your kitchen floor, disassemble your oven, and place all the removed components in the dip-tank. While dirt and grease are being lifted by the detergents in the tank, your technicians scrub the main body of the appliance. The removed parts are hand cleaned, rinsed and dried, and the oven is put back together, given a final polish, and tested to ensure it’s working properly.

The differences you’ll notice after your service:

  • Your clean cooker makes your kitchen more attractive and hygienic
  • Removing baked-on carbon and grease makes your oven less prone to smoking
  • With no stale tastes trapped in old dirt to detract from delicate flavours, food cooked in your oven will taste fresher
  • Your cooker will function more evenly and efficiently

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You’ll get an immediate quote for furnace cleaning, based on the size and type of your cooker. Services are available seven days a week and there’s no surcharge for weekend cleaning.

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