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Cleaning Company Richmond Move In Cleaning - The Service for Busy People

Make your move that bit easier by booking move in cleaning with the Cleaning Company Richmond. Arriving to a clean, aired, and hygienic property is the best possible start to your new life in your new home.

Move Out Cleaning Also Available

  • Move in and move out cleaning are completed when your property is empty of personal possessions
  • Your cleaners bring all tools and detergents needed to complete the work
  • Move out cleaning is charged at a fixed rate based on the the size of the property
  • Services are available seven days a week, and same day cleaning is often possible

Customising Your Service with Cleaning Company Richmond

When you’re booking your service to get your cleaning deposit back, our standard post tenancy cleaning package is exactly what you need. The inventory used covers every job needed in every room, including kitchen appliance cleaning inside and out, bathroom sanitising, vacuum cleaning, dusting and polishing throughout, and a whole lot more beside.

If you’ve sold your old property and want to leave it ready for the new occupants, or want cleansing to happen before you arrive to your new place, you may want to adapt the standard service. Our customer care assistants will be delighted to help you do this.

Quality and security assurances

  • Your work is completed by reference vetted, trained cleaners
  • Key collection and drop off can be accommodated
  • Your cleaners are trained in their accountability as key-holders
  • All services are delivered under full insurance

Price Up Your Moving In Cleaning

Call the Cleaning Company Richmond 24/7 on 020 3746 3054 to get your quote and reserve your appointment.

You’ll get a price for move out cleaning instantly. When you’re planning cleaning services for your home-to-be, the person you speak to will take the details of what’s to be done, then give you a personalised quotation.

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Get peace of mind

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